My Story

Button Daisy Studio

Hello and welcome to Button Daisy, where I strive to design and create minimalistic and timeless pieces that capture the essence of each individual's unique style. I am Daisy Peña, founder and creative mind behind this small business. 

Button Daisy was born out of my love for making unique and personal gifts for my loved ones. It all started in 2012 during the holiday season when I decided to create custom macrame bracelets. I was immediately hooked and, ever since then, I have been on a non-stop journey of exploring all things jewelry-making.

My love for handcrafted items began at a very young age when I would create hand sewn oversized t-shirts for my Barbies. This love continued in many forms through high school and college. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology and working at a children’s hospital for a few years, I felt that something was missing. I restarted my interest in making things and began partaking in different art forms in my free time (including sewing, crocheting, collaging, wood working, and photography). Once I discovered the art of jewelry making, I fell in love.

Although becoming a business owner was never planned for my future, I took the leap in 2014 and created Button Daisy. I began by selling my creations at craft fairs, to friends, family, and then on Etsy. I realized that I wanted to expand the way I shared my designs, so I created my own website to best share my creations with all of you. 

At Button Daisy, I believe that each piece of jewelry should be as unique as the person wearing it. I take pride in creating handcrafted and customizable pieces that you can cherish for years to come. I look forward to connecting with you and bringing joy through my pieces. Thank you for supporting my small business!


Meet Me


Daisy Peña


LOVES: waffles, Disney, all things matcha, watching movies, being outdoors, building things, and testing out simple and healthy recipes to make for my family

DISLIKES: waking up early and buttermilk pancakes