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Add-On Minima Disc - 3/8"

Add-On Minima Disc - 3/8"

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Perfect for growing families, this single hand stamped disc is designed to be added to your existing Minima Necklace. Whether you're celebrating a new addition or just want to add another special touch, this disc comes with a jump ring for easy attachment.

NOTE: This listing is for one hand stamped disc with a jump ring only, no chain included.


    • disc measures 3/8” (9.5mm)
    • 14k gold-filled or sterling silver disc and ring
    • personalized hand stamped design


    1. Find the Opening: Locate the small seam on the jump ring of your disc.

    2. Open the Jump Ring: Using two pliers, gently twist one plier away from you and the other towards you to open the ring slightly (do not pull the ring open).

    3. Attach to Your Necklace: Slip the jump ring onto your necklace chain.

    4. Close the Jump Ring: Twist the pliers in the opposite direction to close the ring securely, ensuring the ring is tightly closed so your disc stays safely on your necklace.

    Enjoy adding a new chapter to your story!


      14K GOLD-FILL:

      An excellent alternative to solid gold, and comes at a more reasonable price point. It is created by permanently applying a thick layer of solid gold to a high quality base metal (usually brass) through heat and pressure. It contains much more gold than the thin layer gold-plated jewelry contains, making it the better option when looking for durable jewelry. If cared for properly, gold-filled jewelry can last for years to come.


      A versatile and durable precious metal alloy. It is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals (usually copper). The addition of other metals is what makes it durable, long lasting, and perfect for everyday wear. Although jewelry can darken over time, it can be polished back to it’s original brightness. With the proper care, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime.

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