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Themy Chevron Necklace

Themy Chevron Necklace

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Empowerment meets elegance with the Themy Necklace! Inspired by a legendary Amazonian character, this piece celebrates the unyielding spirit of strong, fearless females.

A hand formed, hammered, and hand polished to perfection, the V-shaped chevron pendant hangs gracefully on a gold-filled or sterling silver cable chain necklace. Let this necklace be a reminder that strength knows no boundaries. Whether you're conquering your dreams or overcoming obstacles, wear this piece as a symbol of your own unique journey.


  • pendant measures approx. 5in x 3.5in
  • 14k gold-filled or sterling silver lobster clasp and chain
  • select your necklace length from 16/17in. to 20/21in.

NOTE: Each pendant is hand formed. Please allow for slight variation.




An excellent alternative to solid gold, and comes at a more reasonable price point. It is created by permanently applying a thick layer of solid gold to a high quality base metal (usually brass) through heat and pressure. It contains much more gold than the thin layer gold-plated jewelry contains, making it the better option when looking for durable jewelry. If cared for properly, gold-filled jewelry can last for years to come.


A versatile and durable precious metal alloy. It is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals (usually copper). The addition of other metals is what makes it durable, long lasting, and perfect for everyday wear. Although jewelry can darken over time, it can be polished back to it’s original brightness. With the proper care, sterling silver jewelry can last a lifetime.

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